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Every year, CCIAOR recognizes two of its members with prestigious awards. These awards recognize achievement in service to the industry, the Association, the MLS and the community. The REALTOR® of the Year is awarded for work in the previous year and the Charles F. Lockhart Award is for lifetime contributions.

This award recognizes those individuals whose work expands the interest of their fellow Realtors, their profession, and the community at large and is based on the member’s contributions in the previous year. The following set of standards is used for choosing the Realtor of the Year:

  • Realtor spirit: 10%
  • Civic Activity: 30%
  • Local Board Activity: 30%
  • Business accomplishments and recognition: 10%
  • State Association: 15%
  • National Association: 5%

The committee is comprised of the following individuals: the immediate past REALTOR® of the Year and past president appointed by the current President, a business Affiliate member appointed by the CEO, Legal Counsel for the Association and the Chief Executive Officer.


This award was created in 1996 to honor and recognize exemplary service to the Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS® and Multiple Listing Service. This award is given for not only distinguished service, but continued participation in the CCIAOR & CCIMLS activities and loyalty to its purpose. This award committee meets annually to determine the recipient.

The committee is comprised of the immediate past award recipient, a past president appointed by the current President, a business Affiliate member appointed by the CEO, the Legal Counsel for the Association, and the CEO.

The award honors the association’s long time Chief Executive Officer and past President of the Association, Charles F. Lockhart, who has given an extraordinary amount of time, effort and resources to ensure the viability and success of the two organizations.

Charles F. Lockhart Award Recipients

2016 – Debra Martin
2015 – Lynette Helms
2014 – Amy Massey-Weider
2013 – Robert R. Churchill, JR.
2012 – Keith W. Bradley
2011 – Thom F. Schoepfer
2010 – Pamela Canham Roberts
2009 – Christopher E. Coy
2008 – James H. Crocker, JR.
2007 – Richard F. Martin
2006 – Trisha Daly-Karlson
2005 – Douglas R. Payson
2004 – Frank T. Szedlak
2003 – Karen A. Jaworski
2002 – Amy M. Greene
2001 – Peter McDowell
2000 – Suzanne F. Goodrich
1999 – Richard w. Neitz
1998 – Mary E. Crowley
1997 – Faith B. Palmer
1996 – Marie T. Walsh

REALTOR® of the Year Recipients

2016 – Martha Knapp
2015 – Peter Fyler
2014 – Debra Martin
2013 – Joan L. Witter
2012 – David Callahan
2011 – Cindy Lee Caldwell
2010 – Christopher E. Coy
2009 – James H. Crocker, JR.
2008 – Linda B. Collins
2007 – Aleta G. Azarian
2006 – Annie Blatz
2005 – Tina LeBeau
2004 – Keith W. Bradley
2003 – Douglas C. Azarian
2002 – Douglas Azarian
2001 – Jamie Regan
2000 – Amy M. Greene
1999 – Richard F. Martin
1998 – Amy M. Greene
1997 – Douglas R. Payson
1996 – Karen A. Jaworski
1995 – Elizabeth A. Warren
1994 – Richard J. Waystack
1993 – Suzanne F. Goodrich
1992 – Edward L. Pierce