New smoke detector regulations start December 1st


New regulations going into effect December 1st will affect what you have to do to pass a pre-transfer inspection. When replacing a battery when the battery is either expired or non-working of a single or multi-family home built prior to 1975 that battery must be a 10-year sealed battery. Fire departments will be checking for [...]

CFPB Makes Clear Lenders’ Ability to Share CD


Earlier this year, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau announced that it was considering changes to Know Before You Owe - also known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure, or TRID - including a clarification of the rules regarding sharing the CD. The CFPB made good on that promise when it announced a proposed rule on TRID, [...]

Room Occupancy Tax defeated in Conference Committee


UPDATE: The room occupancy tax provision was defeated in Conference Committee and was not included in the Economic Development bill that passed the legislature. A version of the room occupancy tax bill passed the Massachusetts Senate and currently is in a conference committee. Much like the mandatory energy audit and scoring proposals that were included [...]

A Mid Year update from President Laura Usher


Our CCIAOR leadership returned recently from an informative and productive week at the 2016 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Washington, DC. It is always amazing to see firsthand the breadth and depth of issues the National Association of REALTORS® is working on to protect property rights, to advocate for home ownership and to keep us in business. At [...]

EVENT: Understanding the National Flood Insurance Program and its Reform


Come hear from one of the nation's preeminent flood insurance experts, Lisa Sharrad Jones, about understanding the National Flood Insurance Program and its reform. Online Form - Flood Insurance Event

NAR lays out federal advocacy priorities for 2016


In 2016, NAR will be focused on the following public policy initiatives: Homeownership & Real Estate Investment Tax Policies The growing federal debt, weak economic recovery, and continued growth of tax complexity have kept tax reform near the top of the national agenda. Members of Congress from both Houses and both parties have expressed a [...]

Brewster revises definition of a bedroom


The Town of Brewster Board of Health has put into place a more property-rights friendly bedroom definition that is a win for homeowners. This applies to the number of bedrooms for the purpose of sizing a septic system. The new bedroom definition closely follows the Title V definition. It reads: “Any portion of a dwelling [...]

LEGAL HOTLINE: Property owner responsibilities for snow removal


Below are Questions and Answers from the Massachusetts Legal Hotline attorneys, Michael McDonagh, Ashley Stolba and  Justin Davidson. Q. My client owns a rental property and insists that he has no responsibility for removal of snow except for clearing the sidewalks as required by a municipal ordinance. Is he correct? A. No. The usual rule is that it [...]

Find out what changes in real estate with the new Congressional appropriations bill


  Congress has passed sweeping legislation of more than two-thousand pages to fund the Federal Government Fiscal Year 2016. The legislation is expected to be signed into law by the President when it arrives at the White House. The new legislation will put an end to the series of stop-gap funding measures known as “Continuing [...]

Legal Hotline: Cameras in houses and livestream marketing


Q. I have listed a property and the seller has outfitted his home with webcams. He says it is to keep an eye on the property, but I think it is to listen to conversations and see who is viewing the house. Must I disclose to potential buyers and their agents that they are being [...]