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MVMLS Member Forum

Come Hear an Update on MVMLS and Where We Are Going in the Future

MVMLS, which is led by the brokers and agents on Martha's Vineyard, is constantly improving. We have continued to engage more brokers and agents in the decision-making process and are rolling out new features that Martha's Vineyard members say are the priority.

Among the Updates, We Will Be Talking About...

MVMLS Free Trial is Ending October 1

For a little more than one year, MVMLS has been giving trial access to its members - meaning you are paying no fees to access it. The free trial will end on October 1st.

During September, you will be receiving a bill for MVMLS for access in the fourth quarter of 2019. For REALTOR® members this quarterly fee is $81. For non-REALTOR® members, the quarterly fee will be $123 per quarter. In addition, application fees for those who have not joined will begin January 1st.

For the vast majority of members, this fee will simply replace the fee you were paying for CCIMLS access, and will net out to no additional cost to you. If you want to know more, come to the member forum to hear more and learn about the path forward. What is It and How It Benefits You

In July, we launched a new, consumer-facing website, This website is designed to be the central place for consumers to view listings for sale on Martha's Vineyard and gives you the ability to connect with and engage with your clients directly connected to MVMLS. Come here about our marketing plan and how this website helps you.

Dedicated Staff Devoted to Your Success

We recently hired a face that is familiar face to many of you - Danielle Smith. She is our Martha's Vineyard Outreach and Support Specialist and is your first line of contact to help you learn the system better or answer any questions you may have. Get reacquainted with Danielle at the member update forum.

Data Fields Changed, Display Updates, and Listing Distribution Discussions

Many members have been providing valuable feedback about data fields, display updates in the FlexMLS system, and we have add more listing distribution partners. Come hear the latest updates about the changes we have been making to improve your experience.