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REALTOR® Self Defense

Self-Defense strategies are about knowledge, awareness & empowerment for REALTORS®. For our Yarmouth Empower Hour we have partnered with Krav Maga Cape Cod to provide hands-on techniques for protecting yourself. REALTORS are often in situations where they are along with those they do not know. We suggest all REALTORS® take the time to improve their personal safety and take this extremely informative class.

Krav Maga, the official fighting and self-defense system of the Israeli military, emerged in an environment where extreme violence was common and a self-defense system was desperately needed. Krav Maga was designed to be learned quickly and must work for everyone, regardless of their size, strength or athletic ability. Due to it’s instinctive movements and straight forward approach, the techniques are easy to retain with minimal review and can be performed under extreme stress. This makes Krav Maga easy to master, even for a novice. Krav Maga has been tested and improved under real-life conditions, proving to be an ideal system for defending oneself in the face of life threatening danger.

The principles of Krav Maga are simple: 1) Address the immediate danger. 2) Attack simultaneously. 3) Eliminate the threat. 4) Disengage.

This class does not meet Massachusetts Continuing Education requirements.