Help CCIAOR Choose the Next Association Leaders

The Board of Directors is looking for members interested in serving on the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) for 2023.

The LDC plays a critical role in shaping the leadership of the Association and MLS which will impact the decision making and direction of the organizations into the future. This committee will meet four to six times over the course of the year with the majority of meetings in Q2 and Q3 to recommend the candidates for the CCIAOR and CCIMLS Board of Directors and CCIAOR’s representative to NAR and oversee the leadership selection process.

Please read below for additional details and if interested, submit an interest form by February 20th. All interest forms will be reviewed, and the CCIAOR President, with confirmation from the Board of Directors, will appoint the members of the Leadership Development Committee in March.

Questions about serving on the LDC? Reach out to Marissa Cyr.

About the Leadership Development Committee

The role of the Leadership Development Committee is to recruit and qualify candidates for the Board of Directors and to oversee the annual Board of Directors election process ensuring compliance with the CCIAOR and CCIMLS Bylaws. Recruitment involves identifying current and projected vacancies on the board, assessing the composition of the current board and identifying gaps in competencies or demographics, and finding and recruiting potential candidates.

The Leadership Development Committee is also charged with developing a position description for board members to inform prospective candidates of qualifications in terms of their experience and background and what will be expected of them if they join the board.

The Leadership Development Committee shall solicit and accept applications for all positions up for election in that year, including:

  • The CCIAOR Board of Directors officer and director positions;
  • The CCIMLS Board of Directors officer and director positions;
  • Any NAR Director(s) allocated to CCIAOR

Group Composition

The Leadership Development Committee shall be composed of seven (7) CCIAOR members. No member seeking elected office for that year shall be appointed to serve. The CCIAOR Immediate Past President shall serve as the chairperson. There is no vice-chairperson. No other members of the Board of Directors shall serve on the committee.

Time Commitment

4-6 meetings per calendar year; the majority of meetings will be in Q2 and Q3 in preparation for the Board elections for the upcoming year.

Apply for the 2023 Leadership Development Committee