RPR Introduces Mailing Label Feature

RPR Mailing Labels Cover Photo

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) has rolled out a new feature - Mailing Labels. RPR users can now create ready-to-print mailing labels for farming, prospecting or direct mail marketing within custom geographies.

With the new RPR’s new Mailing Labels feature, REALTORS® will be able to create farming or prospecting lists and generate up to 2,000 pre-formatted labels per month for mailings to residential or commercial property owners based on any RPR search at no additional charge to users. The easy-to-create labels are available in popular formats and users can choose to export results into a standard CSV file.

Additionally, REALTORS® who are interested in expanded capabilities or additional fields for their mailing labels can link directly from RPR into Black Knight’s property analytics product, SiteXPro.com. This added benefit will help REALTORS® who are looking for advanced list generation features. The link, and a discount, will be available for RPR users beginning in August through a banner on the bottom of the Mailing Labels modal window. The data used to create the lists is licensed from Black Knight, RPR’s public records provider.

How does the Mailing Labels process work?

Each RPR user will receive 2,000 credits monthly that can be used to generate labels in one of three formats: 5160, 5161 and 5162. They can also export the content information into a spreadsheet that can be downloaded.

  • The count is for each record exported, not unique properties.
  • Labels are generated using public records data.

How does a user access the feature?

After executing an All Properties, For Sale, For Lease or Market Activity search, the user will arrive at RPR search results. There the user will select the “Create Mailing Labels” button to initiate the labels creation process.

What data is included in the CSV export?

Exports are limited to public records data and do not include MLS data.

  • Full name: Owner’s full name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Full Street Address
  • Address: Street #, street name, street type, and unit/suite number
  • City
  • State Zip
  • Zip+4
  • On Do Not Mail List (Y/N)

Can the name be customized on the label?

Yes, if creating ready-to-print labels, the user can choose either “Owner Name”, “Owner Name and/or Current Resident", “Current Resident" or a custom name entered by the user.

Can an RPR User have their label credits reset if they mistakenly use them up for the month?

No. The RPR / Black Knight agreement specifies the 2,000 record count and resetting the count would violate that agreement.

When will the used mailing label counts reset for each user?

Export counts are reset on the first day of each month.

What if an RPR user wants more than 2,000 labels in a month?

It will not be possible to have Mailing Label credits reset. The user must wait until the first day of the following month for their credits to reset.

However, Black Knight will also provide RPR users with a 30% partner discount to the Black Knight’s property analytics product, SiteXPro.com. This will benefit REALTORS® who seek advanced searching capabilities and more than 2,000 labels per month.

This feature will arrive shortly after the RPR Mailing Labels launch, and be visible by way of a banner on the bottom of the Mailing Labels modal window. When the user clicks on the banner, an interstitial will open providing additional information about the partnership. Members that proceed on to Black Knight will be taken to a splash page that will walk the member through the account creation and apply the special RPR discount.