Coming Soon Status

Coming Soon - No Showings Status

In conjunction with the Clear Cooperation Rule, CCIMLS has launched the Coming Soon-No Showings status.

Here are some key things to note:

Entering a Listing: In order to enter a Coming Soon listing into CCIMLS, you must enter a completed listing, meaning all required fields must be filled out, a fully-executed listing agreement must be uploaded, and abide by the CCIMLS Photo Policy.

Listing Date: The date that you want your listing to start as a Coming Soon listing

Showing Start Date: The date you will start showing your listing. On this date, the listing will automatically become Active

The maximum a Coming Soon listing can remain in the Coming Soon-No Showings status is 21 days.

Properties in this status may not be shown, this includes any virtual or live showings:
Properties will automatically go Active on their Showing Start Date; however, agents may manually make their listings Active prior to the Showing Start Date.

Listings will not be disseminated to IDX, publisher, or Portal sites while in this status.

The calculation for DOM/CDOM will not be calculated, so agents do not have to worry about the accrual of DOM/CDOM during the use of the Coming Soon-No Showings status. You may not enter a listing as Coming Soon-No Showings after it has been Active.

How it Works


How to input a Coming Soon - No Showings listing and what the status does, and does not, allow you to do.

Listing Agreement Reg

Upload fully executed listing agreement

Reg Fields Reg

Fill out all required fields in CCIMLS


Set showing start date for when listing will be allowed to be shown. DOM/CDOM counter will reset on this date as listing is now active.


Allows members to see what is coming on the market to keep their clients abreast

No Dist Reg

Listing will not be distributed to IDX or publisher sites

No Showings Reg

No showings - virtual or in-person - are allowed while the listing is coming soon


Coming Soon FAQs

The Coming Soon - No Showings status will not be disseminated to IDX or publisher sites. If the listing is desired to be disseminated to these websites, then make the listing ‘Active’.

The Coming Soon - No Showings status means no in-person or virtual showings. Virtual showings are live, interactive showings from the subject property, not a pre-recorded video. A pre-recorded video or virtual tour is allowed to promote the property. The ‘Coming Soon - No Showing’ status does require one (1) primary photo and should adhere to CCIMLS’s photo policy, however, you may add up to the allotted 100 photos if you wish.

A Coming Soon - No Showings will need to have a executed, exclusive listing agreement and if a seller decides to cancel the terms of that listing agreement, then the listing can be canceled in the MLS by uploading written authorization from the seller and then the responsible broker can cancel the listing or request the MLS to cancel the listing for them.

A ‘Coming Soon - No Showings' listing is viewable to all participants, subscribers, and administrative assistants of CCIMLS. These listings can be emailed or a link may be sent by a member of CCIMLS to prospective buyers. A listing agent may publicly market a Coming Soon listing

This is actually the complete opposite of a pocket listing. All other members of CCIMLS will see the coming soon listings and provide equal footing for everyone to know the listing is coming. Neither the listing agent nor any other agent may show the property in this status.

Yes,’ Coming Soon - No Showings’ listings will be a completed listing in the MLS, meaning all required fields will need to be entered. Virtual Tours and videos can be added to a listing, but listing agents will not be able to add a Coming Soon - No Showings listing to Open Houses, Broker Open Houses or MLS Tours. Prior to a Coming Soon listing becoming Active, you may edit the listing to add additional media and data about the subject listing.

No, you may not enter a listing as Coming Soon after it has been Active.

No, properties in this status may not be shown either in-person or virtually. Virtual showings are interactive, live video from the subject property. This does not include virtual tours, 3-D tours, or photos of the property -- all of which are allowed for a Coming Soon listing.

The property will automatically go Active on the Showing Start Date; however, you can manually make the listing Active prior to the Showing Start Date. The Showing Start Date may be a maximum of 21 days.