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The Cape Cod and Islands Association of REALTORS® is the only group fighting exclusively on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket, in Massachusetts, and nationally for home ownership, real estate investment, strong communities, and the free enterprise system.

We advocate for issues, invest in initiatives, and build relationships to protect and advance REALTORS® ability to operate, a property owner’s ability to transfer property, and the community as a desirable and viable place to live and do business.

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With inventory of homes for sale at near all-time lows in our market (especially in the key under $500,000 market), prices are rising without the requisite wage growth or housing production to create a balanced economy. CCIAOR supports initiatives that will break the current housing cycle by building more units through land use, zoning, and regulatory changes outlined in CCIAOR’s Public Policy Guide.

Every year that goes by without investment in infrastructure, it gets harder and harder to get on and off Cape Cod. We need to replace the Sagamore Bridge and investment in infrastructure to get residents on and off Cape Cod more efficiently. That means we need to invest in commuter rail, roads, ferry service, and in attracting more flights to ensure those who live and work on Cape Cod can do business with the world.

There are opportunities for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket to make their communities more resilient. We must protect our power grids, secure our shorelines, and ensure the safety of homes, businesses, and residents. In addition, we have an obligation to stand up to efforts that seek to use coastal resiliency as a means to erode property rights and stifle the economy.

Property rentals - both long-term and short-term - are under attack on Cape Cod. The right to rent is one of the few rights associated with property ownership. CCIAOR stays actively involved in proposals to require registration and inspects of both long-term and short-term rentals to ensure they do not hinder private property rights.


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CCIAOR leads a group of allied organization pushing for better Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) bylaws across Cape Cod. This initiative restores property rights and expands the availability and affordability of housing.

Chatham downtown

CCIAOR leads a group of allied organization pushing towns to set aside at least 50% of the room occupancy tax for housing, waste water, transportation, broadband, and the marketing of Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Bridges

CCIAOR is part of a coalition of business, resident, and community groups calling for replacing the canal bridges to ensure safe access to Cape Cod.

Side Hustle House

CCIAOR partnered with the Cape Cod Young Professionals to create the new "Cape" style house to rethink how homes get built.


RPAC Backs Champions

RPAC provides support for candidates on both sides of the aisle who help to advance issues that matter to our industry and the nation’s property owners, and to build strong communities.

Your association dues goes toward supporting the issues that protect your business, but RPAC goes even further helping push those issues over the finish line.

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