Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

You are hearing a LOT about AI right now. It might leave you wondering... is it scary? Does it replace us? Is it dangerous? Should I even care? In this session, you'll get the REAL scoop on all things artificial intelligence. This isn't the same tech class you can get anywhere. We'll explore the most important things you should know about AI, what you should not use it for, and how to avoid legal and liability issues. This is one technology that will impact us all and will be very hard to avoid. Join us for an inside look at the nuts and bolts in a practical, and easy-to-understand session.

Reasons why you should attend this:

- Avoid the common pitfalls of AI - how not to get in trouble, get sued, or look stupid.
- Learn the ways you actually SHOULD be using AI
- How to save yourself hours of work, but still look real and human
- What you can absolutely take off your to-do list in 2024
- How this can help you AND your customer

CCRES PD Elective Image - Sales and Management

This class does not meet Massachusetts Continuing Education requirements.