Escrow / Escrow Agents / Escrow Accounts in Real Estate

CE Credits Issued for RE84RC13: Escrow / Escrow Agents / Escrow Accounts in Real Estate

It is essential for both Salespeople & Brokers to understand the rules and regulations regarding escrow. Though the firm's Broker is responsible for handling the Escrow, everyone involved in the transaction and transfer of funds will benefit from this course, regardless of license type.

Important in-person class updates:

- Though this is an in-person class, you will need to complete the course via PEARL to receive credit. Through PEARL, you will access your class materials before the course and your certificate after completion. You can access PEARL via your Member Dashboard under the 'My Account, Education & Events' section or by visiting pearl.cciaor.com. Note, it may take time for this course to be added to your PEARL account after registering.

- CCIAOR will only offer 4 in-person classes days in 2023 at our Association Offices in West Yarmouth. Note, only 2 in-person classes days remain. If you are looking for in-person classes, please plan accordingly.

- Starting in 2023, for regular in-person classes which did not have a fee to attend, if a member does not attend a class they registered for and has not canceled their registration at least 24 hours in advance of the class starting, a $25 no-show fee may be applied to their account.

- CCIAOR will no longer be providing class handouts for in-person classes. For those who would like the handouts during the class, please print them in advance of attending. A small amount of handouts will be available for a $5 fee at sign-in. Note, to comply with state law, the state-approved outline will be provided to all attendees.

Webinar Resources & Course Curriculum

All attendees looking to receive State CE Credits must arrive prior to the start of the class. Per the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons “students must complete the total number of requisite hours. Breaks, tardiness or other interruptions are not to be included in the total number of hours.”