Find Your Digital Voice for 2021 Real Estate Business

With all the change happening in social media and the NAR Code of Ethics, many REALTORS find themselves vapor locked on what they can or can’t say online. However, with the surge in digital platforms, it is imperative for REALTORS to use these tools correctly as part of a future-proof business. Get some risk management tips from Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS General Counsel Hank Lerner, plus REALTOR and personal brand management tricks from NAR Consumer Campaign partners Cammy Keiler and Danielle Farrugia of HAVAS, then some frank advice on how not to be a jerk and find your online voice with REALTOR Leigh Brown. There are too many opportunities to show the value of a REALTOR online for business offline - so join this panel of experts to learn about them for business today and tomorrow.

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This class does not meet Massachusetts Continuing Education requirements.