Get Ready for New Energy Efficiency Building Codes in 2024

Energy efficient, or 'stretch' building codes are coming into effect in several towns on Cape Cod in 2024, and CCIAOR is here to help you and your clients prepare for these changes. Don't know what a 'Stretch' building code is? Don't worry - we'll fill you in during this webinar!

Currently, every town on Cape Cod (with the exception of Barnstable) has adopted the stretch energy code, meaning that there will be code changes impacting the design, permitting, and costs of new homes in renovations in 14 towns. During this webinar, we will review which changes apply in which towns and also touch on the changes coming to Wellfleet and Truro, which have voted to adopt the higher-level Municipal Opt-in Code starting 1/1/2024.

CCRES PD Elective Image - Sales and Management

This class does not meet Massachusetts Continuing Education requirements.