REALTORS® For Clean Water: Information on Barnstable's Sewer Assessment Ordinance

The health of Barnstable’s coastal waters that is so vital to the Town’s quality of life and local economy is at risk. The primary source of the problem is nitrogen pollution from septic systems. Likewise, the Town’s freshwater ponds and drinking water supply are being degraded from nutrients and pollutants from septic systems, fertilizer, stormwater run-off and other watershed sources. Building wastewater infrastructure to reduce the amount of these pollutants entering water resources is necessary to protect the environment, property values, local economy, and quality of life.

The Town’s plan calls for sewers and other measures to be implemented over 30 years, at a total cost of $1.4 billion. The Town has identified existing revenues to cover more than half of this cost. A Sewer Assessment Ordinance is being proposed to finance a portion of the remaining cost. Find out more about the Town of Barnstable's proposed Sewer Assessment Ordinance.

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