Governance Task Force

The Governance Task Force will look at the governance structure and governing documents of CCIAOR and CCIMLS to ensure they are relevant and help accomplish our current strategic plans. The task force will meet Fall 2019 through Winter 2020 to accomplish its work.

Specifically, the task force will do the following:

  1. Review the governance structure of CCIAOR/CCIMLS to ensure it meets organization and membership needs;
  2. Review and make recommend changes to bylaws or policies to ensure CCIAOR & CCIMLS have clear and effective governance. *Note: NAR has eliminated model bylaws. It requires only 5 sections in the bylaws and then urges local associations to write the bylaws to fit their needs.
  3. Examine CCIAOR/CCIMLS process for volunteer leadership recruitment, selection, orientation as well as current leadership roles/responsibilities to ensure it facilitates leadership that are skilled and forward-thinking and that make decisions by anticipating member needs.

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