NAR Appraiser Code of Ethics Online Step By Step Instructions

If you have any issues taking the class online or registering for NAR’s Online Learning Library, please contact their support line at 877-762-9322. ​

When you complete the Code of Ethics online, we do ask for a copy of that certificate in order to update your Code of Ethics requirement. Please contact our Education Programs Director at with any questions.

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Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Code of Ethics Non-CE Version FREE.’

NAR Appraiser Non CE Code of Ethics Image

Click 'Appraisal Introduction' to choose the Appraiser Module, then 'Click Here to Continue.'

NAR Non CE Module Category

Now you must choose two (2) Code of Ethics Articles for Module Category 2. As an Appraiser, we would recommend Articles 1 & 11. Once selected click 'Click Here to Continue'.

NAR Module 2 Selections Code of Ethics Articles

For Module Category 3, you must choose one (1) elective. After selecting, click 'Start the Course.'

NAR Module 3 Selection Electives

Confirm you want the modules selected and you are ready to start the course by clicking 'Yes.'

NAR Appraiser Non CE Start Course Confirmation

Now you can continue through the course by clicking the arrow in the right-hand corner of each slide. As you complete sections of the modules, you will be prompted to take quizzes to move forward. Each quiz requires a passing grade of 75%.

NAR Appraiser Non CE Slide 1

Once you complete the course you will receive a copy of your certificate via email to the address used when registering. Please be sure to send a copy to our education department at as proof of completion, allowing them to update your training requirement.

For assistance with NAR’s Online Learning Library, please contact their support line at 877-762-9322.