NAR Online Existing Members Code of Ethics Step By Step Instructions

Please note, NAR's Code of Ethics is NOT approved for Massachusetts Continuing Education (CE) Credit.

Please be sure to send your Code of Ethics certificate to if you choose to take the course online. If you do not send us a copy of your certificate, we will not have a record of your completion.

To Take Code of Ethics through NAR:

  • Click here for NAR's Code of Ethics Training For Existing Members.

Sign in with your NAR Username and Password, or if needed, Register for an account.

NAR COE Existing Members Sign In Page

Carefully read the instructors before moving forward. Unlike your typical webinars, you will need to complete 4 modules to receive credit for completing NAR's Code of Ethics.

NAR COE Existing Members Instructions Highlighted

Hover over the modules under the instructions then click 'Continue' to start the module.

NAR COE Existing Members Hover over module

Select one of the modules - Which will then be presented in a pop-up window.

NAR COE Existing Members Select Module

In the module pop-up window, click 'START' to begin.

NAR COE Existing Members Module Pop Up

Continue through the course by completing the requested tasks, and clicking 'Next >' in the bottom left-hand corner, until you have completed all course requirements. Please note, some slides have a time requirement.

NAR COE Existing Members Next Module example

Once you complete the first module, click 'Exit' in the top left corner.

NAR COE Existing Members module completed

Then refresh your NAR Code of Ethics Module Page - This will update the module to complete.

Continue until you have completed all 4 Modules. Note- Category 2 requires your complete 2 Modules.

NAR COE Existing Members module complete main page

For CCIAOR to mark off that you completed your Code of Ethics, we need a copy of your certificate emailed to

Refresh the page again, then click 'Download Certificate' to access your certificate, which will then automatically download.

NAR COE Existing Members Download Certificate

Right-click on the certificate to save, then draft an email to and attach the certificate. We will then send a receipt once your account has been updated.

NAR New Member Certificate example

Click Here for NAR's Code of Ethics Course FAQ's. NAR Member Support can be reached on Weekdays from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Central Time at 1-800-874-6500.
For questions or additional assistance from CCIAOR, please contact