If an individual wants to join CCIMLS, their principal (or Designated REALTOR®) must first join the service as the firm's participant. If there are other licensees affiliated with the principal at that office location, they must also join CCIMLS as subscribers OR if they are eligible, they can choose to waive their CCIMLS access (and pay no access fees). To be eligible for a waiver, the licensee must either be a member of another Multiple Listing Service OR must work exclusively with rentals. Additionally, the individual and their principal must agree to the following:

  • No offer of compensation for fee waived licensees as the listing broker’s obligation to compensate any cooperating broker as the procuring cause of the sale (or lease) shall be excused if it is determined through arbitration that the selling salesperson affiliated with the cooperating broker was subject to a fee waiver under Section 6.6 at any time between the offer to purchase and the closing of the sale
  • Fee waived licensees are prohibited from using this MLS’s systems, databases, etc. This does not include accessing listing information of the licensee’s own broker or of other brokers through the participant’s IDX site or elsewhere. It does include accessing such information on the participant’s VOW (which is for consumers’ personal use)
  • Fee waived licensees are prohibited from being a listing agent on an active or pending property listing in CCIMLS
  • Fee waived licensees are prohibited from use of any data feed from this MLS, except one that includes listings only of the licensee’s broker
  • Fee waived licensees are prohibited from using this MLS’s data in an automated valuation product or tool in any product or service identified as coming from the fee-waived subscriber
  • Fee waived licensees are prohibited from attending an MLS Tour, training, or utilizing any other product, service or benefit of the Multiple Listing Service.

The firm's principal must complete a CCIMLS Fee Waiver Application and agree that the waived licensee(s) will not have access to any services of CCIMLS and agree to pay fees and penalties if the waiver is violated.

Click Here for the CCIMLS Fee Waiver Application.