Maximum # of Photos per listing - 100

Recommended size for photos: 1024 x 768

All listings must have at least one photo prior to becoming active in CCIMLS. The first photo entered shall be the Primary Listing Photo, which can be updated upon the additional photo entry.

Properties will also be required to have one (1) exterior, front-facing photo, which does not need to be the primary. This requirement was added so properties can be easily identified for showings. *

*Under Construction/To Be Built: Photo(s) must be clearly marked as such on both the proposed photo/sketch submitted and in the remarks of the listing. A detailed sketch or rendering is acceptable and should clearly state that it is proposed. Photo(s) taken from the actual land or a proposed floor plan marked as such are also acceptable.

Condominium: A photo of the sign in front of the development or a photo of the entire complex and/or unit, whichever is most applicable.

Land Listings: A photo or sketch of the property is acceptable.

Request for Photo Removal

Agents may mark their photographs private if they do not wish to have them sent out to IDX, publisher, and portal sites. These photos will remain visible to members of MVMLS and the primary photo may not be hidden. Agents may not delete photos that were used to market the property in the MLS.

In the case where a client requests the removal of photographs from the internet, on a closed property listed in the MLS, staff will hide all photographs besides the primary photo. Staff will not delete any photographs from the MLS system.

Use of Photographs

Photographs of another Participant or Subscriber shall never be used without prior written permission.

Enhanced Photographs

Images may not be enhanced to present less than a true picture of the listed property. Examples of prohibited enhancements include but are not limited to, adding or removing permanent or semi-permanent features (i.e., power lines, fire hydrants, landscaping elements); altering the colors or features of the property or its surrounding landscape.

Branded Photographs

Photographs may not contain any branded information related to the listing firm or agent. This includes, but is not limited to company signs, phone numbers, email addresses, or websites. In addition, photographs may not contain people, logos, or offensive material of any nature.