6 Ways MarketStats Can Benefit Your Business

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Have you ever spent hours or even days researching and compiling data for your monthly, quarterly and annual reports? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was automated?

That’s where we can help. MarketStats provides an easy way to funnel MLS data into useful reports, enabling users to quickly identify, understand and report on local market trends.

We’ve compiled a list of six ways MarketStats tools will benefit your business.

1. Automated Data

Researching and compiling data into monthly reports is a tedious process that can take hours or even days to complete. ShowingTime’s MarketStats tools make the process much quicker, helping you point, click and/or tap to create precise, up-to-date reports while saving you time and money.

2. Visualize Your Market

MarketStats’ clean and simple reports enable you to identify and understand market trends through an intuitive interface. Determine year-to-date, monthly and year-over-year trends, or discover overall trends by accounting for seasonality. Our compiled data goes back as many as 10 years in some markets, allowing you to share the area’s long-term story with your clients.

3. Customized Reports in Minutes

MarketStats allows you to quickly generate branded reports to share with the clients, prospects and even the media. You can easily customize the data by various markers* including inventory of homes for sale, median sales price, percent of original list price received and more. This data is also available – and encouraged – to be shared on your blog, website and social media platforms.

4. Live Data Widgets

You can easily share live, up-to-date charts of the market on your website, blog and social media platforms. The live charts will be automatically updated with the most current data, meaning you create it once, set it and forget it**.

5. Be the Expert

Knowing regional and national trends is important in understanding local markets, but it’s the local

market dynamics that home buyers and sellers really need to know. A well-crafted report that distinguishes national vs. regional vs. local trends enables you to advise buyers and sellers based on relevant data. With MarketStats, you can share your market knowledge with buyers and sellers quickly and accurately without having to spend hours generating reports, allowing you to focus on facilitating more home sales.

6. Win More Business

MarketStats creates many benefits that will help elevate your profile and enhance your ability to find leads, win business and manage client relationships. Property showing data* is among the most accurate indicators of pending sales activity and market demand in virtually every North American market. Incorporating it into MarketStats products provides actionable data to users and reveals showing trends, which help forecast sales trends.

To learn more about MarketStats products and how to best use them, visit our help site.

*Available markers vary by market

** Upon initial creation, shared charts are automatically active for six months