Call for Feedback on Private Ways and Utilities Bill

As part of MAR's advocacy efforts, we are seeking examples or stories that demonstrate the need for S.2066, which seeks to address how privately owned roads and amenities such as bridges, common areas, and recreation areas are maintained.

This bill would modernize the process for assessing and collecting maintenance fees, and would simplify how property owners are notified of meetings and issues concerning maintenance costs and repairs. Issues frequently cited are snow removal, proper draining and other maintenance issues.

It would also establish a mechanism for property owners to form an owners association and expand the scope of amenities covered by the association.

If you, a client, or someone you know is willing to share a story about the difficulties in getting a privately owned road or amenity repaired, please contact Jonny Schreiber. Possible examples might include homeowners frustrated by neighbors refusing to pay for upkeep or challenges accessing VA or Fannie Mae mortgages.

Read bill details here.