CCIAOR Bylaws Vote Details

CCIAOR CEO Ryan Castle explains the proposed bylaws change up for a vote starting on November 27th.

CCIAOR is proposing a bylaws modification to change the composition of the CCIAOR Board of Directors in order to make it more representative of and inclusive of our membership.

The proposal would combine the Dukes County Seat and the Nantucket Seat into ONE seat for an "Islands Director", defined as a member in an office located in Dukes or Nantucket County, and would add an At-Large Director Seat for a total of 3 At-Large seats. CCIAOR REALTORS® will be able to vote on the bylaw change between Monday, November 27 at 9 am and Friday, December 1 at 9 am. Click here to read details of the proposed bylaw change.

Rationale for Change:

  • The Nantucket seat has been vacant since January 2023 and all Nantucket members have been reached out to via email and several with specific phone call requests trying to find someone willing to serve.
  • In looking at membership allocation, the amount to choose from on both Islands combined is significantly less than any other regional representation seat:
    • Upper Cape: 513
    • Mid Cape: 945
    • Lower Cape (includes Outer): 610
    • Dukes & Nantucket Counties: 259
    • Additional At-Large Seat would serve a two-year unexpired term (on Nantucket seat rotation)

Watch the video above for a more detailed explanation of the proposed bylaw change.