CEO Update on Rapattoni Outage

How the Outage is Impacting CCIAOR & CCIMLS

Because Rapattoni is our identity provider vendor (IDP, the Dashboard), they provide the single sign on (SSO) capability to all of our tools, including FlexMLS, CloudCMA, Remine Docs, etc. Only having to log into one portal makes accessing your tools more efficient and reduces the number of passwords you have to remember.

Because of our investments in new technologies in the MLS and the member experiences, CCIAOR & CCIMLS was able to rebuild access to some key tools, and retain access to partial member data to assist you and help you run your business. This has allowed us to respond quickly to this crisis and provide workable solutions to you.

What Is and Isn't Available:

On Thursday morning, our staff worked with our MLS vendor FBS, the makers of FlexMLS, to create an alternative log in to go directly into FlexMLS for members. This has been available since Thursday morning.

HERE is a tutorial on how you access FlexMLS during this time.

Remine Docs
After resolving the FlexMLS login, we turned our attention to Remine Docs as we heard from members that gaining access to their transaction forms was the second most important priority.

HERE is how you access Remine Docs during this time. You use and select ‘Reset Password.’

Below is a recap of what is available and a link to how to access these tools. Please be aware that the login process may be different than what you are used to, and do not hesitate to reach out to our staff if you have any issues. We are also listing what products are not available at this time.

Available Services:

FlexMLS (Reset password if you have not yet done so)
Remine Docs (Reset password if you have not yet done so)
Realty Insite

Fast Stats
CCIAOR’s Calendar of Events (except registration)
Member Affiliation Changes, New Members, and New Brokerages (in MLS only)

Unavailable Services:

PEARL (online learning platform)

InfoSparks (Interactive Market Statistics)

Online Sign Up for Classes