FlōPlan™: Known Issue with Apple iOS 15 Update

The new Apple iOS 15 update has caused problems with the scanning portion when creating a floor plan. In the FlōPlan™ app, this bug breaks the relocation feature and will create issues with a scan. Delays are possible and accuracy will be compromised.

We recommend delaying your device’s update until the issue with Apple has been resolved. Apple is aware of the issue and is working to correct it. If you have already created a scan with an iOS 15 device and used the relocation feature, it is recommended that you recreate the scan, if possible.

What Is the Relocation Feature?

The relocation feature is exclusive for iOS devices. If the scan is interrupted, the App will show this message on your screen: "The scan was paused. We need to relocate before you can continue scanning." At that time, you would typically press the "relocate" button to go back and rescan the previous space.

If you have not experienced this feature, you do not need to recreate any scans.

The FloPlan™ team will reach out via email once the issue has been resolved.