Good Neighbor Spotlight: Cove Clubhouse

Located in Harwichport, Cove Clubhouse is a community of support for individuals with mental health conditions. It is a voluntary membership program, with activities based around the interest, needs and goals of its membership.

“We have been in this location for 25 years. The services we provide help our members flourish and become better people and productive members of our community,” states Sabrina Kreber, Program Director.

The Club focuses on peer support and the empowerment of its membership. Strengths of members are celebrated, which provides the opportunity to live, learn and engage in meaningful work.

Advisory Board Member Andrew Falconio of Kinlin Grover Compass says, “The Clubhouse currently serves approximately 78 adults who are in a vulnerable position and struggling to find a job, secure permanent housing or are just having difficulties even socializing. The Cove is a nice gathering place where they can also enjoy a nice meal; it is like the glue that keeps them together and helps them function; a necessary and much needed service on Cape Cod.”

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