Good Neighbor Spotlight: Jac Augat and The Lily House

Lily House Dawn Walsh co found Board pres and Jac Augat

When The Lily House was gifted a home in Wellfleet in the spring of 2021, Jac was instrumental in taking the lead regarding the next steps that were needed. Jac stepped up to serve as the Chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee, applying his REALTOR® experience to working with inspectors, vendors, town officials and others. He has served as a Board member for the Lily House since December, 2020, and was instrumental to the organization in creating a community home for the dying.

His contributions include assisting the organization in receiving a Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Charitable Foundation grant, researching and finding an available property for the community home and ultimately securing it at no cost. He has also taken on the role of Vice President of the Board and is a member of the Governance and Finance Committee.

"Given Jac's real estate experience and the mission of The Lily House -- to provide around-the-clock hospice-level comfort care in a peaceful, compassionate, community home where terminally ill residents can live and die with dignity, comfort, and grace —at no cost to those in need, he was an ideal person to bring onto the Board." notes Dawn Walsh, Executive Director of The Lily House.

The Lily House is a member of the Omega Home Network, a national grassroots movement to improve the end-of-life experience for individuals, friends, and families in local communities. The Lily House anticipates opening its doors to residents in early 2022.