Good Neighbor Spotlight: Patrick Foran

Monomoy water station 1

Patrick Foran is passionate about protecting the natural environment of our region through his support of CARE for the Cape and Islands.

CARE for the Cape and Islands is an organization dedicated to inspiring stewardship and preserving the natural environment, cultural and historical treasures of the Cape and Islands. The organization brings together more than 70 organization from across the region to address challenges such as solid waste, litter, and plastic pollution. These partnerships have resulted in over 50 projects being executed across the region, including water filling stations, cigarette butt collectors, cleanup projects, historical trail development and more.

"I am fortunate to have grown up in one of the most beautiful places in the world." says Foran. It is due to the Cape’s pristine natural environment that visitors are drawn here, providing my wife and me the ability to earn a living in the Real Estate business through sales and vacation rentals; and to raise our children."

Patrick has been an avid fundraiser and supporter of CARE for the Cape and Islands, supporting projects such as the water filling station at the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge, signage about the bioswale at Heritage Museum and Gardens and the 'Buttler' cigarette butt disposal unit at the Hyannis Regional Transportation Center.

Learn more about CARE for the Cape and Islands.