Legal Hotline: My Seller Won't Consent to Dual Agency. What Do I Do?

A.) As an agent of the seller, you owe the seller duties of obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability and reasonable care and due diligence. You do not have an agency relationship with the buyer unless the seller consents to dual agency. If your office practices designated agency, another agent in the office may be appointed as a designated agent with the consent of both the buyer and the seller.

If one, or both, parties do not consent to dual or designated agency, you are limited to working with that buyer as a customer. In this scenario you must provide the unrepresented buyer with a Mandatory Agency Disclosure stating that you are a representative of the seller. You may assist the buyer with filling out a Contract to Purchase, but you may not provide the buyer with advice or recommendations pertaining to the terms of the offer.

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