Nine Ways to Use MarketStats

Market Stats

Agents are staying extremely busy as interest rates continue to reach historic lows. Finding listings to show to buyers, however, is a real challenge, with inventory down as much as 50 percent in some markets compared to last year, according to recent reports.

It’s crunch time for listing agents and buyer’s agents, but there’s good news: you can lean on MarketStats tools to support your efforts by providing access to up-to-the-minute data, telling you exactly what’s happening in your market.

MarketStats equips you to create meaningful, customized data tables, charts, and reports without spending hours collecting the data and designing your own layouts. Here are nine ways MarketStats can help:

  1. Compare local and regional numbers to zero in on what’s happening in specific markets
  2. Support your recommendations at listing presentations with data
  3. Write blog articles and emails on local markets using statistics to support your findings
  4. Look into submarkets such as condos or three-bedroom properties*
  5. Compare up to four geographies* using multiple metrics and variables
  6. Spotlight your expertise and knowledge by sharing charts through social media and your website
  7. Highlight metrics such as months’ supply of inventory to show current supply and demand trends to your clients
  8. Use data to manage expectations during pricing conversations
  9. Share local data with charts that update automatically, or export the data to create your own charts

These are just some of the ways agents are using MarketStats to position themselves as market experts both online and in-person during client meetings. Why not try a few of them for yourself?