REALTORS Cook Up Community at the Family Table Collaborative

CCIAOR volunteers spent two days assisting the Family Table Collaborative with building and kitchen maintenance and preparing 15 pound bags of produce for distribution to those in need of assistance with nutritional security on Cape Cod.

Volunteers sorted and bagged hundreds of pounds of fresh produce for distribution and assisted the Collaborative with essential kitchen and facility maintenance tasks such as cleaning and organizing the walk-in refrigerator and freezers.

"Volunteering at the Collaborative is a high energy privilege! They hit the ground running and have been received so well. Their commitment to our community is something we can all, and should all, get behind." says Julie Robillard, CCIAOR Member Services & Facilities Coordinator.

Located in the former Riverway Lobster House in Yarmouth, the Family Table Collaborative (FTC) is Cape Cod’s Community Kitchen. Their mission is to enhance nutritional security on Cape Cod. FTC distributes meals directly to individuals and families. It was created in March 2020 as a rapid response program to address the immediate needs of families and seniors. To date, they have prepared and distributed more than 94,000 meals, soups and other food items for and into the community. FTC receives regular donations from local entities such as Whole Foods, Chatham Bars Inn Farm Stand and the Cape Abilities Farm.

Learn more about the Family Table Collaborative.

Thank you to the CCIAOR members who volunteered at the Family Table Collaborative:

Donna Madigan
Sunny Fellman
Kim Arestad
Julie Robillard, CCIAOR Staff

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