Rental and Mortgage Assistance Available

If your clients are in need of rental or mortgage assistance, Housing Assistance (HAC) is ready to help with rapid access to rental and mortgage assistance to stay safely housed.

What Kind of Help is Available?
Housing Assistance has launched a 100% online application for rental and mortgage assistance that enables the agency’s clients to complete one application form to access multiple financial assistance programs. HAC has over $1,500,000 available to distribute to qualified, year-round residents including:

• RAFT (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition);
• ERMA (Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance);
• Homebuilders of Cape Cod Fund;
• Town specific funds;
• And HAC’s Workforce Housing Relief Fund;

Housing Assistance is the regional agency providing access to state and local assistance funds. They have trained intake staff working remotely with clients to determine the programs that are the best fit for that client’s particular situation, and help clients navigate the systems that are already in place. CCIAOR has a longstanding partnership with Housing Assistance, collaborating on fundraising and regional housing availability and production initiatives.

Why Mortgage and/or Rental Assistance Matters
Your clients may need assistance now that the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Insurance is scheduled to end, pending congressional intervention, and the eviction moratorium may end mid-October. Many people who have never had to ask for help, need help now. Additionally, there is also legislation in front of the governor that will authorize more rental assistance funding into our region. This type of assistance can help keep Cape Codders housed and avoid costly and troublesome eviction procedures.

Housing Assistance is advocating for funding for the entire Cape and Islands region to help enhance their region-wide solutions that efficiently and effectively serve people whose housing is in danger today.

How to Apply
If you know someone who needs help with rent or mortgage, contact Housing Assistance today by calling 508-771-5400 or emailing

You can also directly share this link to our streamlined online application: Housing Assistance Corporation Online Rental and Mortgage Assistance Application

For more information about eligibility for the assistance programs already in place, go to