Who We R - Making a Difference With the REALTORS Relief Foundation

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Through the generosity of the REALTOR® Relief Foundation, CCIAOR was able to award $10,307 in grants to 10 year-round homeowners in Harwich who sustained considerable property damage from the July tornados that unexpectedly struck the Cape. In support of the foundation and as a recognition for the good work it has enabled CCIAOR to do locally, we have donated $1 on behalf of each member in our association to the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. For more information about the foundation, including how to make your own donation, please click here.

CCIAOR has received testimonials and letters of thanks from the families that benefitted from REALTOR® Relief Foundation grants. Click below to read them!

About the REALTOR® Relief Foundation

The REALTOR® Relief Foundation is a charitable foundation run by the National Association of REALTORS® dedicated to providing housing-related assistance to victims of disasters across the country. Over 18 years, the foundation has collected and distributed more than $32 million in aid for some 80 disasters in 39 states and territories since it launched after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The foundation has helped more than 13,000 families. Every dollar donated goes directly to victims of the disaster. The National Association of REALTORS® covers 100% of administrative expenses.


My home was hard hit during the tornado. My 15-year-old was home at the time of storm and describes in detail the house shaking, the white wind that was wiping outside the window and the sound of the trees falling all around us. We lost most of our roof, had interior damage to the kitchen, and lost most of our fence that enclosed our yard. Our insurance company acted fast and assessed the major damage and we are just beginning the repair work. As time passes we realize the additional things that were damaged that insurance doesn't cover. I can't tell you how much your grant funds have helped to free up the needed funds to make sure that all the repairs get done before winter comes. The grant funds were such a gift. My family is very thankful that this was available to us. Thank you again-The Canto Family
Ten minutes last July changed life for us in Harwich Center. A tornado thundered down Parallel St. uprooting trees that had withstood the winds of Hurricane Bob and the Hurricane of 1938. One tree, a one-hundred-year-old Norway spruce that was two and a half feet in diameter and seven feet around, fell on my garage, crushing the front half of the roof and the framing beneath. Insurance, which still hasn’t come through, will not cover the total cost of repairing the vintage 1920s structure or cleaning up the fallen trees. Lucky for me, the Realtor® Relief Fund gave me funds to help cover some of my expenses. I am so grateful to my fellow Realtors® for helping me out. Margaret Nilson Realtor®
We are so greatly appreciative for the generous check we received earlier this week from the REALTOR® Relief Foundation. The transformation of home and yard from the July tornados is still incomprehensible, but putting our loss into perspective with the loss that many other people face in areas all around the world is so little. Still, a tornado on Cape Cod was so random and quite limited to a few towns. It really is a wonderful feeling to know that the Realtor® members and the National Association of Realtors® were able to offer several folks from Harwich the opportunity to apply for tornado relief funds. We are all so lucky to have such good neighbors. Lots of work to be done, but every bit helps! Thanks so so much - Nancy and Kevin Wright