Real estate has been part of my life for many years, in various forms and from different perspectives.

Personally, our family has moved and lived in different states (CA, CO, IA, MA, NJ, NY-upstate) / countries (US, France, Canada), each transfer requiring a few real estate decisions – where to settle, rent or buy, understanding of the market, to name just a few. And along the way, we became real estate investors.

Professionally, my original background in civil engineering has exposed me to other related aspects of the real estate business (construction project management, environmental studies, feasibility studies, appearing in front of zoning boards, securing building permits).

I became a real estate licensee after moving to NJ in 1998, then added a MA license in 2013 when planning our next move. My real estate business was focused primarily on residential transactions, making sure the consumer always had a full understanding of the process, options and a clear view of the current local market

As a real estate educator, my goal is to share the knowledge I have with my colleagues so we can all provide a higher level of service to our clients. I strongly believe that to survive as a profession we need to raise the bar and bring higher standards to the industry.

My real estate clients benefit from my thorough knowledge of the industry and my students benefit from my real life experience – a win-win scenario! Needless to say, I have a strong passion for the real estate process.

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