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RealSatisfied is a testimonial collection platform for real estate professionals, where you can easily post your reviews to social media and automatically publish them to your Realtor.com profile.

RealSatisfied is seamlessly integrated with your MLS. Each time you close a transaction, a review request is automatically created for your client. Less work for you!

Get more reviews and take control of your reputation with RealSatisfied:

  • Fully customizable Profile Page
  • Easily post your testimonials on social media
  • Automatically publish to Realtor.com
  • Say thanks to your clients with a seamless gift card integration
  • Get more reviews on Google with our 'Encourage Reviews' feature

MLS members get unlimited surveys, the first three testimonials under the free plan, and a discount through your MLS when upgrading to unlimited testimonials.

To learn more about RealSatisfied and how it can help take control of your online reputation, visit realsatisfied.com.

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