Advocacy In Your Backyard: What’s Happening at Spring Town Meeting - Part 1

Join us for an Advocacy in Your Back Yard webinar on Wednesday, March 20th to review housing-related articles on Town Meeting warrants in Falmouth, Provincetown, Yarmouth, Martha's Vineyard towns and Nantucket with CCIAOR's Government Affairs Director Leslie Sandberg and CEO Ryan Castle. Leslie and Ryan will review the articles, and explain how CCIAOR arrived at its position on each article so you can make informed decisions at town meeting. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Please register and plan to attend this webinar, so you are prepared for your upcoming town meeting!

Please note that this webinar ONLY covers the warrants in the towns listed above. CCIAOR will host a second webinar in April for towns with spring town meetings in May.

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