NEW CLASS! Protecting the Protected Classes in Real Estate

CE Credits Issued for RE111RC20: Protecting the Protected Classes in Real Estate

This BRAND NEW COURSE was developed by CCIAOR to help Real Estate Agents better understand the impact of human behavior when interacting with other people, as to prevent them from unintentionally discriminating against a protected class. Though we may not realize it, our reactions, assumptions, and unconscious thought processes can lead us into treating people differently. To help prevent discrimination agents must not only be fully familiar with the protected classes but also understand the impact of implicit bias and disparate impact on their behavior and activities. Only then can they provide equal service, equal treatment, and equal access to all. This course will also help real estate agents create strategies for providing equal service, to better understand the protected classes, and identify areas that may be affected by implicit bias.

Best practices to prepare for the online webinar:

  • Download Zoom to be prepared for class.
  • Be there 15 minutes early if first Zoom for orientation.
  • Be prepared to have your video on so that your participation is acknowledged.
  • There will be frequent interaction requests. Be prepared to engage with the group.

If you are not a member of CCIAOR and are looking to attend this CE course, please call our Education Department at 508-957-4300, or submit your payment HERE.

All attendees looking to receive State CE Credits must arrive prior to the start of the class. Per the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons “students must complete the total number of requisite hours. Breaks, tardiness or other interruptions are not to be included in the total number of hours.”