Listing Collections

Many of you used Carts in our previous software system. In FlexMLS you have the same functionality available in order to add selected listings into one Collection. When you have selected the listings you wish to add to a Collection, click Save, then Save Selected As. From here you can create a new Collection by simply typing the name of your choice or add to an existing Collection, by clicking into the box.

Want To Create A Collection For A Contact?

When viewing listings, you may click the link at the top of the page called Work On Behalf Of A Client. Choose the contact you wish to create the Collection for, then select the listings you would like to add. Click Save, then Save Selected As. You will now have a choice to save the Collection for the chosen contact. Name the Collection, then choose to save it. You may choose to save to your own Collection as well. Creating a Collection for a client will create a new folder in their Portal.