Inspectors Checking Real Estate Brokerages for Compliance with COVID Rules

It has come to the attention of the Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS® that during regular audits of real estate brokerages, the Massachusetts Department of Professional Licensure (DPL), is also checking real estate brokerages for compliance with COVID reopening procedures. The DPL is the regulatory arm of the Board of Registration of Brokers and Salespersons.

As a reminder, every real estate brokerage whose physical office is open is required to have the following posted and available to employees and visitors, and to comply with the office reopening guidelines, including capacity maximums.

Make sure you have the following must be displayed or available:

  • A COVID-19 Control Plan. You can download a template HERE.
  • A COVID-19 Checklist Completion Poster. You can download the poster that must be displayed in an area within the business premises that is visible to employees and visitors HERE.
  • Maintain a log of workers and customers to support contact tracing (name, date, time, contact information)

It is recommended that agents only come into the office when necessary (i.e. dropping off checks or contracts) and that they work remotely and conduct as much virtual business as is feasible. It is a best practice to require advance notice of when agents will be in the office to maintain proper occupancy limits, which is 50% of occupancy standard outlined in the Office Reopening Protocols.

To access the safety standards and checklists for office spaces, click here.

For more COVID-19 resources, visit our Reopening Real Estate offices page: