State Order Extending Real Estate Licenses Rescinded

Governor Charlie Baker has rescinded the Emergency Order extending real estate license validity.

As a result, all licenses that were scheduled to expire between March 10th and July 10th will now expire on October 1st. Licenses expiring on or after July 11th will renew as scheduled.

License renewal information is available here.

As you ensure you have all the necessary continuing education credits (12) needed to renew your license, here are a couple of things to keep in mind about CCIAOR's offerings in the coming months.

  • CCIAOR will NOT be offering in-person continuing education credits before October 1. We are not hosting in-person classes for two reasons: 1) The CCIAOR office is under renovation; 2) Providing in-person continuing education under the Governor's orders is not feasible for CCIAOR at this time.
  • CCIAOR has only 12 hours of live, online continuing education webinars scheduled at no additional cost to CCIAOR members BEFORE October 1st, which means if you need all 12 hours and want to take live online classes from with CCIAOR, then you must attend all of our available webinars.

Remember, you can also take your CE with pre-recorded webinars at no cost with your REALTOR® membership.

Upcoming Classes