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Board of Directors

Meet the Board

Greg Kiely Head Shot
Greg Kiely
2020 President (term expires 2020) 617-217-8875 email
Annie Blatz Headshot
Annie Blatz
2020 President-Elect (term expires 2020) 508-237-3727 email
Joe Arnao
Joe Arnao
Immediate Past President (term expires 2020) 508-503-4435 email
Denise Holbrook Head Shot
Denise Holbrook
Secretary | Treasurer (term expires 2020) 508-367-5227 email
Courtney Marek Head Shot
Courtney Marek
Dukes County Director (term expires 2020); MVMLS President (term expires 2020) 508-627-3737 email
Stephen Maury Headshot
Stephen Maury
Nantucket Director (term expires 2021) 508-325-5000 email
Laura Clements Updated
Laura Clements
Small Company Director (term expires 2022) 978-835-2818 email
Emily Clark Headshot
Emily Clark
Large Company Director (term expires 2022) 983-290-58 email
Mari Sennot Head Shot
Mari Sennott
Upper Cape Director (term expires 2020) 508-568-8191 email
Deborah Mason Head Shot
Deborah Mason
Mid Cape Director (term expires 2020) 508-776-0872 email
Peggy Nye Head Shot
Peggy Nye
Lower Cape Director (term expires 2021) 203-449-5382 email
Jac Augat Head Shot
Jac Augat
At-Large Director (term expires 2021) 508-776-6624 email

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