DEP Proposed Title V Regulations

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has proposed an update to Title V Regulations and a new Watershed Permit program.

CCIAOR's Public Policy Committee is holding this meeting to educate members on the proposal, gather input and questions from members to ask DEP, and to finalize CCIAOR's formal comments on the proposal in advance of the December 15 deadline for public comments.

In this meeting, CCIAOR will cover:

  • What REALTORS need to know about the proposal
  • Highlight CCIAOR's initial concerns on the regulations
  • Gather input from members to finalize the Association's position

The proposal would require homeowners in Nitrogen Sensitive Areas (NSAs) to upgrade to "best available" innovative alternative I/A septic systems within 5 years. This provision would be exempted if the watershed of the property received a watershed permit.

Find out more on the proposed DEP regulations , here: https://www.mass.gov/regulations/310-CMR-15000-septic-systems-title-5

Please note, if you can not attend this session, we do encourage you to register to allow you to access the video recording after the course.

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